Watch This Hilarious Video About Paid Media Addiction That’s Way Too Real

Usually when a piece of satire hits way too close to home for me, it involves marketing bros or a crippling addiction to fantasy football in some way. But this one involves paid media, which might be even worse.

Content analytics platform Conductor hit the mark with the spoof below on paid media, imagining it through the lens of an AA meeting. Come for the folding chairs and stale coffee. Stay for confessions like, “I was doing really well until the end of the quarter, but I had to hit my numbers. Just one sponsored tweet and my name would be up in lights at the quarterly meeting. Just one and I’d hit my goal. But it’s never just one.”

​​Conductor: End of Paid Media from ​Conductor on ​Vimeo.

Truth. We have a small budget here at The Content Strategist for promoting our top stories through paid social, and though I try to spend it responsibly, I sometimes feel like Gronk with a fresh keg—things can only go one way.


Cheers to Conductor for pulling off the impossible: a humor video made by a SaaS company that’s actually funny. And cheers to me for not sponsoring any Facebook posts yet today. Let’s see if I can make it through lunch.

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