18 Years After Being Retired, the Meox Mix Jingle Is Going Viral. Here’s Why

How do you get hipsters to meow? Even harder: How do you get them to engage with branded content?

Trigger their love of nostalgia and absurdity by asking them to remix the Meow Mix jingle.

At least, that’s how Meow Mix must have gotten the Hipster Orchestra to take part in the “It’s Meow Time” campaign—the largest integrated campaign the brand has ever launched, and one that has people across the country remixing the classic jingle.

The Hipster Orchestra remix released this morning is the third video in the campaign, which began in New York City with an event hosted by country singer Kellie Pickler.

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Pickler posted up in a pop-up studio in Columbus Circle to give the classic jingle some country flair; then, she invited passersby to sing their own versions. That led to hilarious videos such as this enthusiastic remix by a woman named Rai. (Now known as “the artist formerly known as Rai.”)

And a punk remix by this dude in a throwback Raptors jersey.

“We knew we wanted to really focus on the jingle as our iconic equity,” said Carrie Schliemann, director of cat food and snacks at Big Heart Pet Brands. The jingle was created in the 1970s and retired in 1996. But with cats and ’90s nostalgia proving to be the formula that wins the Internet, it only made sense to bring the jingle back.

“It’s not just us. It’s a two-way dialogue,” said Schliemann. Meow Mix encourages cat owners to submit their own remixes in order to win a trip to Hollywood, where the winner will star in their own Meow Mix music video. (I guess it’s time to get a cat!) “Cat videos rule the Internet, so for us, it was the perfect marriage.”

Submissions end on December 31, and the winners will be selected at random.

Meow Mix worked with FCB Chicago to create the campaign, which includes new packaging, social, events, digital, and a heavy PR push. In addition to the user-generated content, Meow Mix hired creative music agency Jingle Punks to produce five video remixes—three of which have been released.

The Hipster Orchestra rendition above was the third installment, but the best might have been the first release—a hilarious EDM remix by DJ Ashworth, featuring cats getting down in a cat disco. (Clearly, this is where your cat goes at night.)

But Meox Mix wanted to reach a broad audience, so they decided to balance out that EDM with some country. Enter J.R. Moore to sing a classic tune about how “There’s only one thing that makes him feel happy / Going home to feel his cat / ‘Cause you know that’s where the party is at.”


“We’re trying to speak to a wide range of consumers,” said Schliemann, “and give them a laugh along the way.” For now, the strategy seems to be working. The EDM remix has over 1 million views on YouTube, while the J.R. Moore has over 90,000 views, and both are getting loads of positive feedback in the comments.

If you now have the Meox Mix jingle stuck in your head like me, you’re in luck. There are two more to come this season and the campaign may outlast the year. “This is just season one, we’re expecting to have a season two of the Meow Mix Music Connection,” said Schliemann.

I only have one suggestion: Get CeeLo Green’s cat (who, yes, has her own Twitter) to star in her own remix. And maybe invite CeeLo along, too.

Meow Mix Hipster Orchestra Kellie Pickler EDM Meow Mix Social Media Marketing Content Marketing DJ Ashworth J.R. Moore CPG Content Marketing left

Image by Meow Mix
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