The Ultimate Email Optimization Infographic

I have an unnatural love for Neil Patel’s daily newsletter; he’s like the content marketing fairy, quietly dropping a new audience growth trick in your inbox every day. Neil has built three marketing blogs with over 100,000 visitors. His blog, Quick Sprout, is the bomb diggity, which is a thing I assume kids say nowadays because the ’90s are coming back… Right?

On this fine Friday, Neil did not disappoint, sharing an awesome infographic about email optimization. It’s not just something pretty to glance at before sharing on LinkedIn; it’s chock-full of actionable tips. I may seriously blow this thing up, paste it on the wall, and proceed to drive our email marketing manager, Jess, absolutely insane.

Definitely spend some time with this. If you’re publishing content on the web, there’s a darn good chance email is your most important channel. If it’s not, it should be. And even if social is edging out email as your biggest traffic source, email is likely the tinder igniting those shares every day.

The Anatomy of an Optimal Marketing Email

I also highly recommend subscribing to Neil’s newsletter. I mean, just look at this guy. If OkCupid launched a spinoff called OkContentMarketers, his profile picture would kill:

Image by Ditty_about_summer

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