Study: Content Is B2B Marketers’ Biggest Weapon, Challenge

Can content marketing be both the kryptonite and the super strength of inbound marketers’ campaigns? It can, and it is, according to a new report from Ascend2.

Of those surveyed—270 marketing professionals across the globe whose inbound tactics are mostly B2B-focused—almost 60 percent identified content creation as their most effective strategy, while 54 percent said it is the most difficult tactic to execute.

Additionally, 41 percent of respondents said that their top challenge is “lack of content creation,” right behind “lack of an effective strategy” (46 percent).

So, what are these marketers trying to accomplish with their inbound efforts? According to the report, their biggest goals for the upcoming year are to increase conversion rates (49 percent) and improve the quality of their leads (48 percent).

In order to accomplish those goals, B2B marketers will need solid content marketing strategies in order to most effectively target and engage the right people, and then nurture them through the always-on sales funnel. After all, only the highest-quality content tends to cut through the noise and reach those high-quality leads.

And indeed, major B2B brands have already had major success with imaginative storytelling and multimedia campaigns, as outlined in our e-book, “State of B2B Content Marketing: 8 Trends and Tactics Transforming the Industry.” Content creation may be difficult to execute, but when done right, it can be marketers’ saving grace. So yield the weapon and rise to the challenge.

Image by JD Hancock

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