The 15 Stages of Emotion You’ll Feel at a Content Marketing Conference

Editor’s note: On the occasional Friday at Contently HQ, we can’t help but have some fun and create a silly BuzzFeed-style listicle. If you’re looking for content of actual substance, head here.

Everyone loves a good conference, especially content marketers. We’re inundated with invitations to hear speakers left and right—but hey, no one can refuse free food and alcohol. After a while, we start to get into a routine. For those of you who aren’t familiar, here’s a summary of what a content marketing conference is like—in GIFs.

1. When you read the completely un-funny, yet well-intentioned, invitation email:

Sensible Chuckle.gif

2. When you realize that you were invited to be a speaker:

AeBM0rhNSuirKjm9PSqi_Baby Exercise Class.gif

3. When you arrive and see people you only talk to at conferences:

dzFr92JBSpqG370Q4yZ1_Lizard Happy Run.gif

4. When you’re about to sit next to a cute stranger during the first panel:

9rYqZOlYSFm6w2rKtWX6_Hello Ladies.gif

5. When everyone starts jockeying to get the best sandwich at the lunch line:

6. When you show up underdressed:

7. When you end up seated at a table of sales bros:

8. When you mistakenly attend the social media compliance panel after lunch:

9. When the keynote speaker tries to get everyone fired up:

10. When you manage to eat the free food, drink from the open bar, and network at the same time:

Chopstick Basketball.gif

11. When you start to get buzzed, but still manage to keep it professional:

Dog Pool.gif

12. When someone you have no interest in ever seeing again gives you their business card:

13. When you realize that the free food has run out:

HayzbIXBSMyRPjQKyEZQ_Fish Empty Pool.gif

14. When the day is finally over, but now you’re a little too socially lubricated:

VPI0YN3kSrytPqHvkZhq_Run Jump Fall.gif

15. When you wake up the next morning for that 7 a.m. panel…

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