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How to Work in an Office, According to Stock Photos

Starting a new job can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to the corporate culture. Luckily, office newbies can learn how to thrive in the workplace by studying the bible of human behavior—stock photography. Here are some of the most important takeaways:

Rule #1: Do everything you can to stand out


Specifically, surround yourself with people who are blurrier than you. Employers will immediately recognize you as a powerful asset to the company.

Rule #2: Look busy


Keep all of your college and high school binders on your desk. Use them as a giant table for the People magazine that you’re actually reading.

Also make sure to have at least three phones on your person at all times. Keep one unplugged so that you can desperately hold it above your head when someone walks by your door. People won’t believe how busy and important you are!

Rule #3: Get away from the office at least once a day


Your productivity will take a serious hit if you sit at your desk for too long. Make the time to go for a walk, do some quick stretches, or fly with deceased co-workers in heaven.

Rule #4: Make your office a creative space


In order to do your best work, you have to make your surroundings inspiring. Invest in a giant fish tank and put it in your office. Go for a snorkel anytime you have writer’s block. Check out for work-friendly wetsuits and waterproof computers.

Rule #5: Maintain team morale


Remember to gather all of your co-workers together for the daily “It’s five, thumb jive.” Every office place does this. If people don’t join in with the “It’s past four! Thumb war!” chant, politely suggest to your boss that they hire a new team.

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