Branded Content Catchup: 5 Stories You Didn’t Read While Stockpiling Groceries & Emergency Supplies for Hercules

If you live in the eastern half of the U.S., chances are that you’re currently living in the wake of a frigid winter storm. You may find yourself longing for a time when the world seemed a warmer, friendlier place; a time when publications would make best of 2013 lists and try to capture future industry trends by rounding up various articles of prognostic content. And Hillary Rodham Clinton, too. It’s always more interesting with a Clinton involved.

At The Content Strategist, we favor our nostalgic tendencies as well. Remember when they didn’t even name winter storms? They were just big, ominous blobs on the TV called storms. Accordingly, here are some year-end/new-year stories that will take you back to that much simpler time.

Ready for Hillary: Inside the Content Strategy of a Clinton PAC

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is doing that thing that bands do before encores; she’s watching her audience steadfastly cheer for her in the dark while she waits a predetermined time before returning to the stage. But during this break in the show, what can brand publishers learn from a pro-Clinton political action committee? We take a look at what’s driving Ready for Hillary’s content strategy in the eve of a presidential campaign.

The Best Branded Content of 2013

Great brand storytelling doesn’t just change consumers’ perception of a brand, it influences other brands to tell great stories too. Which great pieces of branded content pushed the industry forward in 2013?

It Must Be Content Marketing Prediction Season

A roundup within a roundup? Trippy. Check out these discussions on trends likely to dominate content marketing over the next 12 months.

B2B Content Marketing On The Rise, But Big Companies Lag Behind

Multimedia and social media are still on the rise and a look at how content marketers spent their resources in 2013. How might that influence budgetary allocations in the new year?

The Best Sponsored Content of 2013

For brands, the benefits of sponsored content is already clear. An independent study commissioned by Forbes found that sponsored content delivered a 41 percent brand lift. This is a collection of the best sponsored content likely to influence publishers in 2014.

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