How Do Brand Publishers Get Eyeballs On Their Content? Paid, Paid, Paid.

In his keynote presentation at the Contently Brand Publishing Summit last week, Gary Vaynerchuk spoke passionately about access. We’re all creating content, but we need to think more about reaching the right readers and engaging them. During the Summit, we polled the content marketers in attendance about their approach, asking, how do you make sure people are seeing your brand’s content?

Amanda Nelson, Manager of Content at Salesforce:

“We do paid in addition to organic. I think paid is a large component and an important component to content marketing. You need to get people to see it. If we see a Facebook post around an ebook is doing well, we’ll put some paid media behind it. We’ll do some paid search, things like that. It also mixes up the ad mix, so it’s not all about demos and free trials.

I am a big believer in paid, and I’m a believer in third-party content. Having your content syndicated, or shared, or create new content for third-party sites so that your blog, your site, is not where people are all the time.”

Stacey Milspaw, Business Development at Poptip:

“Mainly through social. Email marketing.”

Mandy Gresh, VP, Account Director at Big Fuel Communications:

“We work closely with pay partners. There’s usually a paid component to it. Smart hashtagging, too.”

Matt Neems, Sponsored Content Sales Coordinator, Taboola:

“They’re in content consumption mode when they land on our content. The best way to find out about new content is while you’re reading content.”

Melissa Zimyseki, Digital and Social Media Strategist at Big Fuel Communications:

“We always want people to enjoy our content. I think its listening to what your audience likes.”

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