Around The Room: 5 Pieces Of Branded Content That Content Marketers Love

Last Thursday, we gathered some of the brightest minds in the industry for some frank talks about content marketing at the Brand Publishing Summit. One question we wanted to know as we worked the room: What is the best piece of branded content you’ve seen lately?

Amanda Nelson, Manager of Content at

“I love Marketo’s coloring book for marketers. It’s a lot of fun. It’s an ebook, but there’s also a printed version. You can color, and it’s got all the great content marketers and social media gurus in there, and it helps you draw a funnel and connect the dot and stuff. It’s really funny.”

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Matt Neems, Sponsored Content Sales Coordinator, Taboola:

“I think that The Adrenalist is some of the best branded content on the Internet. Especially for active guys like me. They feature really cool videos and stories, whether it’s extreme athletes or cool trips to take, just something that I can really relate to and find really cool.”

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Stacey Milspaw, Business Development at Poptip:

“Can it be the most memorable? The Dodge Durango Ron Burgundy commercials.”

Doug Levy, Copywriter at Shutterstock:

“If we can pick our own, we just did something for The Hunger Games where we used Shutterstock footage to do a tour of the 12 districts of Panem. It was pretty multi-tiered. We launched it through Instagram, then we posted them all on our blog. So we have these 12-15 second Instagram clips, each one of a different district. It was a huge project and it’s been really successful so far and gotten a lot of good press. That would have to be it for me.”

Liz Lapp, Curator at Shutterstock:

“It was really cool, because we got to use Instagram video. I’m a curator, and I haven’t seen an app change the dialogue as much as Instagram has. That’s why Hunger Games is one of my favorites too, because they were able to use the capabilities of Instagram.

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It was interesting to use what we have as a conversation to something outside of our company, and also to reinforce that, as creative people, that’s what we do every day. We take something and we dissect it and rearrange it for what the project is. We were able to do it in a way that was on-trend and compelling.”

Michael Zev Gollender, Sponsored Content Sales at Taboola

My favorite just came through yesterday through OMD and Infiniti, it’s a choose your own adventure. It’s like a minute video for their new Q50, then after the video you have to call a number and they give you a code to text back. You text back, and it opens up this interactive adventure.

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