American Express Prefers “Content with Purpose” [VIDEO]

In April, a cadre of 200 publishers and advertising specialists gathered in New York’s Bowery Hotel for Contently’s Social Content Summit, which featured insights from nine professionals who have emboldened their brands through unique content and social media.

Contently co-founder Shane Snow sat down with each panelist to discuss the future of content marketing and social media. This is the sixth of a nine-video series sharing some of the day’s learnings.

American Express has been an industry leader in the content marketing space with its Open Forum, a comprehensive online resource for small business owners, but now they have to stay ahead of the curve. Scott Roen, vice president of digital and head of social for AmEx, foresees an expansion of proprietary content into curated and user-generated content.

A necessary part of any content strategy is social viability, which is why Roen stresses the importance of pulling social channels closer to content production and distribution. The trick for AmEx is “not content for marketing, but content with purpose.”

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