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Branding an Iconic View, Big Data Lags, Coca-Cola Diplomats

The Strategist picks the day’s most interesting stories for the content aficionados who love the backstory and reading between the lines. Here are the gems you need to kickstart your Tuesday:

Can the Empire State Building Brand Its View? (AdWeek)
Legally speaking, you can’t trademark a beautiful view — but why not give it some great branding?

The Empire State Building’s marketing team (yes, they have a marketing team) is tackling this very objective. Here’s a deep dive into this unique group’s rationale and goals.

In Media, Big Data Is Booming but Big Results Are Lacking (AllThingsD)
Big data comes with big promises, but is the movement falling totally flat in delivering actionable results?

Wetpaint CEO Ben Elowitz points out that there’s an ‘explosion of data’ with significant advances in technology, modeling techniques, and growth opportunities. But are marketers and industry leaders using these numbers as effectively as possible? If you think you’re truly data-driven, think again — you could be doing more. Much more.

Behind Coke’s Attempt to Unite Indians and Pakistanis with Vending Machines (AdAge)
Brands actively influence their customers’ lives. Just take a look at Coca-Cola’s new initiative — vending machines that function as international communication hubs.

The idea is to promote collaboration on tasks and common goals. Once completed, the machine dispenses a Coke. Fascinated? Take a look into this massive sociological undertaking.

New York Times CEO Calls Digital Pay Model ‘Most Successful’ Decision in Years (PaidContent)
In a recent Columbia B-school speech, New York Times CEO Mark Thompson pointed out that their new subscription model has been an invaluable business decision — one that translates into 700,000 subscribers and a nine-figure revenue stream.

Critics argue another story, that this new business line for the Times has already plateaued. What’s your perspective? Has the Times found a new win or maxed out a limited opportunity?

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