Checking Your Content’s Vital Statistics [INFOGRAPHIC]

Content marketing needs more than writing to take off. Sure, you’re relentlessly committed to blogging every day, but are you effectively reaching your audiences? Are you captivating individuals enough to bring them back to your website and brand? Are your inspiring your audiences enough that they’re sharing your content?

All of these questions represent core goals for your content strategy, and there’s one key component that you can never overlook — engagement. Step one is to captivate your audiences. Sure, that strategy makes sense at the theoretical level, but what’s the functional application?

Social media marketing firm Red Rocket Media has compiled a data-driven answer to this exact question.

Why This Visual Rocks

Concepts like engagement are invaluable for marketing — but extremely difficult to operationalize, quantify, and translate into an actionable strategy. Far too often, marketers find themselves buried in numbers with limited clarity regarding (far from obvious) ‘next steps.’ This visual connects the dots by making strategies more, well — strategic — and less like throwing darts in the dark.

Vital statistics drill down to four key numbers — 30, 10, 5, and 4. This infographic breaks down exact numbers that marketers need to watch.

The infographic further examines typical reader behavior — here’s a realistic view of how users are engaging with your pages and content. One recommended strategy is to write what you want to say and then cut it into half the number of words. Highlight the words that you want to stand out. Start with your conclusion and then drill down to your supporting arguments. Awesome tips.

The icing on the cake is this infographic’s compelling narrative. The ‘heart health’ analogy adds substantial color in a quirky and energetic way. It’s well-executed, great for storytelling, and the extreme opposite of cheesy.

Room for Improvement

Each multimedia channel (text, television, radio, and video) deserve standalone infographics. Strategies vary by multimedia — as should best practices.

This infographic condenses five stories into one. In other words — more please!


 Image courtesy of bloomua/shutterstock


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