The Ultimate Case for Video Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Video sells. Sure, production can cost more than a simple article — but the ROI potential is definitely there.

If you’re on the lookout for a comprehensive picture of the video marketing landscape you’re in luck — thanks to Zappos, the data you need is all right here. You probably won’t be surprised to learn the following:

  • Consumers find videos preferable to text.
  • Video lowers bounce rates by providing a visual hook.
  • Videos keep people on your website longer.
  • Video is more memorable than text.

What else does video affect in the retail landscape? Everything you could possibly imagine — conversion rates, customer-sign ups, higher leads, higher sales, click-through-rate boosts, and more.

The bottom line is that video is cost-effective relative to the value generated. It improves brand recognition and is — at its core — a tool for viral marketing.

Why this Visual Rocks

Facts and figures of this visual are plentiful, without falling into the trap of information overload. The graphic takes readers through a clear point-by-point argument of why videos are valuable marketing tools. At no point in the visualization process will you feel lost in data. Even without fancy graphs, pie charts, or mathematical models, the information is available in a highly compelling way.

And speaking of compelling, what makes this infographic even more powerful is its strong connection to business goals and sales cycles. From lead generation to conversion rates and customer engagement, the infographic clearly connects the value of video to every stage of the marketing funnel.  No matter your goals and KPIs, the case for video is definitely there.

Room for Improvement

Examples, examples, examples. What are some brands that are doing video right? In what contexts to videos work best? Yes, it’s evident that video can boost sales and branding efforts, but how do theories and numbers translate into real-life strategies?

Zappos could bring attention to its own marketing efforts. The site, which features a range of integrated videos, has surely seen some scale of user activity. How do specific company data points and strategic examples stack up against general industry trends?

Top image courtesy of Dusit/shutterstock

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