8 Content Quora Threads You Should’ve Followed Yesterday

Quora is an online marketing power tool for two reasons: (1) it’s the ultimate place to learn about everything and everything, and (2) it has a massive built-in audience.

Whether you’re a chatterbox or lurker, there’s a niche on Quora for you. Beyond its entertainment value, Quora is a powerful audience building tool.

“Quora tells me active writers get over 30,000 monthly views and 350,000 annual views,” wrote Josh Constine of TechCrunch. “Its most hardcore contributors can get over 1 million views a year, and most great answers go viral and get tens of thousands of reads.”

Content marketers, you should have started using Quora yesterday. Here are eight discussions that you should start following now:

1. What is the difference between content strategy and content marketing?

If you are confused about this topic, here are six discussions to help you out. You could think of content marketing as the ‘what’ and content strategy as the ‘how.’

You can also think of content strategy as having both product and marketing components. Aligning your audience with your business objectives is integral to your content strategy – from which, marketing may emerge as the process.

2. How do you do content marketing without content?

You don’t! Just kidding. For some businesses, you can purchase a simple fact sheet. You can also find free, government content to promote.

Your best bet, however, is to hire a writer to help you out.

3. Should brands invest in content driven communities?

This discussion sounds fascinating, right? So you’ll be surprised to see that there are only two answers.

This is a great opportunity to chime in and bring some exposure to your own website.

4. Is good content more gift than science? What are the key elements of good content? 

Believe it or not, there is actual forethought that goes into the process of crafting a powerful story. There’s a psychological dimension as well as a strong language component.

Without a doubt, the ability to write is a true gift. But there’s definitely more to it than creativity, according to this discussion.

5. What companies have the best corporate blogs?

If you’re looking for some great examples to model, these examples will get you started. There are more than 20 on this list, so happy browsing.

6. How can social media tools help develop corporate innovation capabilities?

Social media is one of the most important ways that companies can improve their reach and products.

The technology marks a transition from corporate-led development to customer-led development, according to one Quoran in this thread. At is heart, social media is collaborative and communication driven.

7. What are the best strategies to gain traffic to a blog?

This discussion is crucial for website owners who are looking to launch a blog for the first time.

Make sure to pay attention to your headlines, and make sure to join conversations around the Internet. Make sure to create high quality content to generate incoming links. Keep in mind, however, that it’s not traffic that you necessarily want — your top goal is to build an engaged audience.

8. What are the best ways to overcome writer’s block?

Here are some highlights from the discussion: practice your writing, write in your own voice, and learn to type quickly.

Ask lots of questions, brainstorm ahead of time, or have a beer. You can always edit tomorrow morning.

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