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Ooyala on ESPN, Bud Light Social Super Bowl, Growing Internet Traffic

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ESPN Using Ooyala on Twitter

Ooyala, a platform that lets Twitter users “quickly embed clickable clips into tweets for instant playback,” is working with ESPN on a new campaign.

The company says that its product keeps the video viewing experience in stream instead of taking users to an outside website, according to ClickZ. ESPN uses the tool for promoting live broadcasts of college football championship games. Ooyala works on all devices including desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Bud Light’s Social Media Promotions for Super Bowl

According to Mashable, Bud Light is keeping up with tradition by hosting a hotel party near the Super Bowl game this year and using it in promotions.

Last year, the brand did the same, but this time there is a focus on social media. Concerts will be broadcast from the hotel to MySpace, and a Facebook correspondent for the brand is going to be chosen. There is also a Twitter hashtag going around named #tasteis and a teaser video called “Lucky Chair: 15” has been posed to YouTube.

Growing Internet Traffic

Jonathan Morrow of CopyBlogger writes about what it takes to generate traffic online.

Marketers can buy pay per click ads, which he says work, but are pricey. Maintaining one social network account really well is what counts, instead of spreading oneself thin on all the networks and delivering subpar content.

Guest blogging and interviewing authorities in the field are going to contribute to increased traffic, as is building an email list and writing a great headline for content.

My Damn Channel Wants Video Content

According to Paid Content, My Damn Channel, which shows comedies, is going to be expanding its online original programming with hundreds of new comedy series. 

Videos can be submitted through the company’s website and accepted ones will be shown there as well as its YouTube channel. Last year, it introduced a live daily comedy show via YouTube and reported “a 91 percent increase in total video views across all its sites in 2012 compared to the previous year.”

A Reality Show for Local Papers?

The New York Times is reporting that in the 10 days following NBC’s casting call for small-town papers to be on a reality show, it received over 150 responses from newsrooms across the country.

The pitches that were sent in range “from newspaper editors talking about how they are struggling to survive to newspaper staffs eager to show off their talents, sometimes well beyond their coverage of school meetings.” NBC execs say they are looking for a newsroom that has great characters and an interesting environment to film in.

Making the Most of Freelancing

According to Design Taxi, there are a few ways for freelancers to make the most of their time. They need to effectively manage their schedule and make sure they have room to deliver stories on time, search for new clients, maintain relations with current ones, and manage invoices and payments.

They have to self-motivate and be creative with ideas. Promotion is very important and can be done simply by signing up for MailChimp of Campaign Monitor. Email marketing, these days, is an essential for freelancers.

Freelancing Support

The Guardian covers what it takes for freelancers to survive since they work for themselves. 

They have to put into place a support network, which is made up of people in the field that they can trust. They’re there for advice and critique. There are certain foundations that freelancers should be aware of as well.

In the UK, for example, there is A-n, which launched insurance especially for freelancers, and Arts Development UK, which has a fellowship program for them.

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