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NASA Social Orbit, Why Website Speed Matters, BuzzFeed Goes Hollywood

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NASA’s Social Efforts

The Mars rover and the multiple stakes it has on social media sites, reports Lisa Lacy of ClickZ.

It has its own Foursquare badge, along with accounts on Twitter and Facebook. On Foursquare, the Curiosity Explorer badge has over 20,000 likes, and the rover checks in on Mars’ Gale Crater, the Rocknest, and Mount Sharp.

NASA’s Deputy Social Media Manager Jason Townsend said, “We’re always looking for new ways to connect to the public to get inspired about what’s going on and to follow along and really share.”

Why Website Speed Matters

CopyBlogger’s Demian Farnworth writes about the importance of a fast website for a company. Speed ranking is a factor in Google’s search algorithm and it means that the visitor will have a better experience.

According to Strange Loop, a one-second delay on a website can cost a business 7 percent of sales. The biggest issues that slow down a site are having too many ads and plugins, an overloaded framework, images that are too large, and being incompatible with other browsers.

BuzzFeed Introduces Hollywood-Centric Site

On Monday, BuzzFeed launched BuzzFfeed Entertainment, according to Paid Content. The site will be providing coverage of all things Hollywood along with original reporting.

In the LA office, there is a staff of 15-20 people assigned to culture, entertainment, and video beats.

Soap Operas Online

Good news, soap lovers everywhere: According to the New York Times, “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” episodes will now be shown online. Production for the new episodes will begin in February and be made available on

Jeff Kwatinetz, who runs Prospect Park, the production company working on the effort, said, “The adoption of online TV in the last year has begun to move exponentially as viewers start to realize the immense advantages digital distribution affords. But all of that is unmatched compared to the relentless fan support. Since they didn’t give up, either did we.”

TV Companies Honing in on Web Capabilities

The Wall Street Journal reports that at the Consumer Electronics Show, Cox Communications revealed an Internet connected set-top box and iPad app that allows “customers to search live TV channels as well as third-party online video outlets through a single guide.”

The box, which is similar to Roku, will be provided by Cox to customers. Dish and Comcast are planning to provide these types of devices as well.

Practical Tips for Freelancers

Marketplace featured an interview with Sara Horowitz, founder of Freelancer’s Union, about how freelancers can navigate financial and life issues.

She says that freelancers should establish wide networks and outsource work to friends when they don’t have the time. That way, when work is dried up, they can reach out for possible assignments. It’s important to develop strategies, she says, “from having a long-term gig in place to building a network and being scrappy.”” to deal with anxiety.

London’s Digital Fashion Endeavor

Lauren Indvik of Mashable reports that on Monday, British fashion designers started unveiling their autumn and winter 2013 collections via the digital space. Eleven designers will live-stream their shows, and show footage is going to be posted to the British Fashion Council’s website.

There is a hashtag called #LondonCollections circulating, and “UK residents are also encouraged to snap street-style photos of ashionable men and upload them to Twitter and Pinterest using the hashtag #ManAboutTown; the best will be made into a Pinterest board and Facebook album designed to illustrate the best of British men’s style.”

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