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Tiffany’s Tumblr Is a Jewel, Headlines First, Dunkin’ Donuts Facebook Contest

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Tiffany’s New Tumblr Focuses on Tradition of Jewelry

Tiffany’s new Tumblr, From Out of the Blue, showcases the story of the company, images and videos from photo shoots, reports Lisa Lacy of ClickZ.

The site also features “Tiffany In Style, which covers events and introduces designs in jewelry and accessories, along with advertising images and videos,” she writes.

Posts on the blog have been tagged with #TimelessTiffany and #TiffanyInsider, and it has a new video called The Dream Maker.

Writing Content Marketing Titles

Content Marketing Institute’s Roger C. Parker argues that an enticing title is what will “make or break” a piece of content’s success.

The title should promise to solve an issue, include urgency, target certain audiences, and use metaphors and/or alliteration to be memorable. Titles should be short because, “the fewer the words, the more attention each word receives” and include SEO keywords and phrases that make them easier to find online.

Dunkin’ Donuts Facebook Contest 

Dunkin’ Donuts is running a contest on Facebook where the winners’ pictures and videos will appear on a Times Square billboard during New Year’s Eve,Mashable’s Todd Wasserman reports.

On Dec. 5, the brand started asking fans to send in their photos and videos wishing friends and family a happy new year. There will be two winners, and in addition to the billboard, they will receive two round-trip travel tickets on JetBlue.

Harlequin and Cosmopolitan Creating E-Fiction Together

According to the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, the women’s magazine, and Harlequin, the book publisher, will be collaborating on creating steamy digital fiction stories.

Starting this May, the novellas will come out two times a month and contain about 30,000 words each.

The Subway Train Victim Image Controversy

The New York Times’ David Carr reports on the controversy surrounding the New York Post and the photo it printed of the doomed subway train victim. He spells out some of the reasons why people have been angry.

He writes, “The Post cover treatment neatly embodies everything people hate and suspect about the news media business: not only are journalists bystanders, moral and ethical eunuchs who don’t intervene when danger or evil presents itself, but perhaps they secretly root for its culmination.”

The picture also demonstrates the indifference of people when they see tragedy and how the Post “milked the death of someone for maximum commercial effect,” he said.

Websites for Freelance Writing Gigs

The English Web compiled a list of websites for freelance writers to peruse for work. 

On the list are the Association of Alternative Newsmedia, which posts editing, sales, marketing, and writing jobs at alternative media entities; Artisan, a site for creative job postings;, which shows copywriting and editing jobs around the globe; and Freelance Switch, which is both a job board and research site for writers. Some of the other resources include Media Bistro, Write Jobs, and ProBlogger Jobs.

Pandora’s Royalty Payments Hurt

According to the Wall Street Journal, the more people that listen to music on Pandora, the more revenue the music streaming service is losing.

Since Pandora has to pay record labels and music publishers for all of the listens, it has faced financial difficulties. Simultaneously, advertisers aren’t eager to pay to reach listeners on tablets, car dashboards, and smart phones.

This news come after Pandora’s stock dropped 18 percent on Dec. 5.

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