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Delta’s Comic Safety Videos, Ads and Journalism, The New Yorker Approach

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Delta’s Safety Videos are Comedy Gold

Delta is putting out more content after its in-flight safety videos became YouTube hits, Deadline Detroit reports.

The new safety videos feature “dressed-alike triplets, a miniature bag ‘small enough to fit under the seat’ and an accordion player,” along with the original flight attendant from the videos, “Deltalina.” One of the videos has more than 50,000 views on YouTube.

The Ad Industry and Journalists

Forbes’ Lewis DVorkin argues that journalists, instead of ignoring and turning away from what’s going on in the ad business, should learn to understand it.

He says, “The economics of journalism no longer work like they used to. The same holds true for the advertising business. These two clashing industry realities require both print stalwarts and digital believers to get a grip.”

DVorkin delves into content marketing and how for some journalists, it may mean a full-time job.

The New Yorker’s Content Marketing Approach

Copyblogger’s Demian Farnworth writes about what makes New Yorker’s content model work. The magazine is full of 10,000 word articles that are in-depth and tell a great story, and he says that marketers/writers should look to do the same with their work.

Like The New Yorker, companies should hire quality writers. After all, “Only superior content will build your influence with your target audience and Google.”

Marketers need to speak the language of the consumer by answering their questions, alleviating their friends and encouraging their desires as well.

Washington Post’s Executive Editor Steps Down

Marcus Brauchli, who has been with the Washington Post as executive editor for four years, is being replaced by Martin Barton, editor of The Boston Globe, according to the New York Times.

In the third quarter, revenue in the publishing division of the Post dropped by 4 percent because of a loss of ad sales. It also faces tough competition from online news outlets printing similar stories, such as Politico.

Lay-Offs at NBCUniversal

The Wall Street Journal reports that about 100 people are going to be laid off at NBCUniversal over the next few days. By the end of the week, the company will have laid off 500 people over the past few months.

The cuts are part of budget review and “include about 100 people from G4 videogame cable channel several weeks ago, as well as two dozen previously reported layoffs at NBC’s “The Tonight Show” in the late summer, and separate cuts at Universal film studio.”

Creating Content for Latinos

ClickZ’s Gustavo Razzetti writes about how the media and content creators can appeal to Latino consumers.

He says, “Marketing to emerging cultures is about connecting with deep cultural values. Brands that want to engage with Latinos (or other emerging cultures) need to create, not simply communicate. They need to embrace that culture and be part of it. Brands need to act as a cultural enabler, empowering people and amplifying the influential role that emerging cultures are playing.”

Papa John Memes Take Over Reddit

Redditors, according to Mashable, are posting memes that poke fun at Papa John’s for its opposition to Obamacare. It started on Sunday, when one user called for a boycott of the chain.

CEO John Schnatter is being portrayed in the memes as a hypocrite  He gave away two million pizzas last year, but can’t spend money on health care for employees.

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