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Red Bull’s Stratos Jump, Flynt’s New Frontier, Brands at NY Comic Con

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Red Bull Impresses with Stratos Content

Felix Baumgartner jumped 120,000 feet on Oct.14, and Red Bull was there to document the record-defying event.

The energy drink company set up an interactive portal, where “audiences could learn about Felix and read about the science and technology that would make the mission possible,” according to News Cred. “An extensive media gallery housed photos and videos from every aspect of the stunt from the balloon, to the weather, to images of the earth mid-freefall. A blog tab allowed audience members to learn about the progress of the project in the days and weeks leading up to the event.”

There were also hashtags like #SpaceJump and #RedBull trending on Twitter, and the company garnered more than 17,000 new Twitter followers. Branded content success!

Larry Flynt to Acquire New Frontier Media

Larry Flynt, adult entertainment mogul, has purchased New Frontier Media for $33 million, writes Ryan Dezember of the Wall Street Journal.

Currently, New Frontier “offers pay-per-view adult programming, including Penthouse TV, on cable and satellite systems. It also produces original films, some of which are mainstream, and operates subscription websites.”

Marketers Tap Into Geek Trend

At New York Comic Con this year, which took place over the weekend, companies came out in droves to reach the 18-34 male demographic, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Hasbro, Mattel, Marvel, Walt Disney, and Barnes & Noble were just a few of the brands seeking out the 116,000 people who showed up. Lance Fensterman, who manages NYCC, said it was one big focus group for the brands.

New York Times Reaching Out to Brazilians 

The New York Times will be adding an edition in Portuguese in 2013. According to the Times, the site is going to be launched in the second half of next year and feature 30-40 articles per day from Times staff members, local writers, and International Herald Tribute staff members.

In a statement, Chairman of the NY Times Company and publisher of the paper said, “As the world gets smaller and digital technology enables us to reach around the globe to attract readers with an interest in high quality news, Brazil is a perfect place for The New York Times to take the next step in expanding our global reach.”

How to Create Attention Grabbing Content

Content Marketing Institute’s Scott Aughtmon says that marketers need to “create content that demands attention,” which rings true in a time of information overload.

To accomplish this, he recommends using provocative titles and headlines, hooking people in with a good story, add an element of surprise, and “learn to connect the dots between your prospects’ passions and your content.”

Reddit Campaigning Across America

AdWeek is chronicling Reddit’s tour across America, where the team is campaigning for the Internet in cities throughout America. Staff members are giving speeches at gatherings about the positives of the Internet, and the negatives of online censorship.

The site currently sees 42 million unique visitors a month and recently hosted an Ask Me Anything thread starring President Obama. The tour is design to help “preserve an open Internet in the real world.”

IBM Creating its Own Content

Mashable reports that since 2005, IBM has been publishing content from its 433,000 employees, including 32,000 individual blogs.

Much of the content, which includes videos and articles “that show how life is becoming better thanks to IBM.”

According to the company, its goal isn’t to produce content that goes viral, but rather to “keep up a dialogue between its workers and those who use its products and services.”

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