Oreo-AMC Tweet War, Content Creation Madness, Advertising’s Funeral

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Brand-on-Brand Tweet Wins Big

Can one tweet start a brand war? The outcome of the Oreo-AMC Theater tweet-up remains to be seen, but one thing is certain, it’s entertaining.

It’s also a great example of creative social media, AdWeek reports. For the record, it’s an awful lot of work to sneak Oreos into the theater, but Twizzlers, that’s another story.

Do You Have Content Creation Madness? There’s Help.

Is your content boring? Does your sales team dictate your content? You are headed toward CCM (Content Creation Madness), if you aren’t there already.

Fast Company’s Lisa Nirell will put you on the road to recovery, but first, you must understand how content marketing strategy works.

Advertising Is Officially Dead, Time for a Funeral

In a stunt that falls somewhere between clever comedy and advertising ad nauseam,  JWT will present a 45-minute memorial at Advertising Week in response to the oft-repeated phrase “advertising is dead.”

Ad Week reports that “between eulogies, the choir will sing solemn renditions of familiar ad jingles, including Almond Joy’s ‘Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut.’ In lieu of donations, agencies are sending flowers.”

Various ad legends will offer eulogies while the JWT brass will lead the service.

When Tweets Become Currency

There’s something very Willy Wonka about Kellogg’s new campaign to connect social with offline habits. In the London pop up store, customers can pay for crisps with a tweet.

“The Special K campaign may be the first example of real-life human interaction using the pay-with-a-tweet concept,” Ad Age said.

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