McDonald’s M Television, NFL Search Fumbles, Shane Snow Live Chat

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McDonald’s M Television Reaches into Digital

McDonald’s is aiming to entertain customers with original content in their restaurants with the M Channel.

“The M channel is akin to a broadcast network with its own news, entertainment and sportscasts localized for cities and even neighborhoods, Lee Edmondson told USA Today. Content providers already include Mark Burnett and the ReelzChannel.

“But there’s more: It will supersize the experience by directing viewers online for shopping or other opportunities,” USA Today reports.

What Would Happen If the NFL Worked Like a Search Engine?

You would get the wrong search. Or at least that’s what happens on the Replacement Google search engine which takes a jab at replacement referees in a familiar web-based format.

Mashable writer Sam Laird replacement googled his name and was rewarded with information on lunchables. Honestly, it could have been worse.

Chat with Contently’s Shane Snow

That’s right! Contently founder Shane Snow will be live chatting on Mashable as part of the Young Entrepreneur Council’s program YEC #StartupLab. Streaming starts 3 p.m. ET (noon Pacific) Thursday, Sept. 27.

How Forbes Keeps Track of 1,000 Contributors and All Their Content

Ad Week talks to Forbes President and CEO, Mike Perlis about the transition to digital and how Forbes’ AdVoice model works. 

“Our content carries the Forbes name and our whole mantra is to put authoritative journalism at the center of the social media experience,” Perlis said.

Attachment Marketing a New Trend?

Furby. Yes, Furby — that weird furry toy you used to own and, quite possibly killed out of neglect. It’s back, with the addition of a digital app, and Ad Age’s David Berkowitz is obsessed with it. 

He is also convinced that the Furby model is just the beginning for a new age of marketing where consumers are so personally attached to their goods, they will think twice about getting rid of them. There’s definitely a sci-fi novel in here somewhere.

How to Convince People Candy Is Good for Them

Can Unreal convince the public that their candy is better than the norm?

Odds are yes, thanks to their secret advertising ingredient: hot celebrities. 

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