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Dan Rather Hosts TweetTap’s Twitter News [VIDEO]

TweetTap, an online show that reports news from Twitter accounts, was hosted this week by legendary news anchor Dan Rather.

The five-minute video featured news about iPhone 5 sales, video from Mitt Romney and Barack Obama’s appearances on “60 Minutes,” and highlights from the Emmys, including big wins for “Modern Family.”

TweetTap, according to Mashable’s Kenneth Rosen, is run by #waywire, a video news sharing site started by Newark Mayor Cory Booker. The relatively new site, previewed on TechCrunch last month, includes “raw footage from 60 content partners, including Reuters, so users can edit together their own reports on breaking news.”

According to Tricia Duryee of All Things D, the point of #waywire is to allow teens to have a voice. It “wants to be a media company where teens and young adults can share user-generated content, kick off a debate and spur discussion” and is also backed by Oprah Winfrey and LinkedIn’s CEO, Jeff Weiner.

Duryee says it should be regarded as “Twitter, YouTube and Facebook with a purpose.”

So far, #waywire has a little over 2,029 likes on Facebook and 8,513 followers on Twitter.

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