Topshop’s Interactive Video Puts Viewers at London Fashion Week [VIDEO]

At London Fashion Week on Sept. 16, retailer Topshop hosted a live stream of its runway show, and added interactive social media features that encouraged sharing.

More than 2 million people in 100 countries tuned in to watch the recorded video afterwards, reports Lauren Indvik of Mashable.

Fans could log on, snap photos of the show, and share them on Facebook. Indvik, quoting TopShop, says, “Viewers could click on clothes and accessories to browse color options as they came down the catwalk” and “order makeup for delivery within 48 hours, and select apparel and accessories for delivery in six to eight weeks — well before their January arrival in stores.”

On Twitter, #TOPSHOP and UNIQUE (the name of the show), was trending around the world the day of the show, and many of the outfits sold out within an hour of the airing.

In an interview with Reuters, Justin Cooke, the Topshop chief marketing officer, said, “People have been trying to figure out for some time, how do you make these ‘likes’ into something relevant, how does the social aspect mix with your brand, and I think we are going to be the first brand to unlock that, we’re going to be the case study …(to) commercialise that social audience.”

Topshop isn’t the first brand to incorporate social media and on-site purchasing with fashion content. In July, Self introduced selfcurateyourlook to allow users to make their own look books, share the items on Facebook, email, and Pinterest, and buy the products.

Many fashion retailers are producing articles, but video is still growing and catching on. Topshop said that more than “200 million people were exposed to images and content from the show in the first three hours, largely thanks to the screenshot-sharing tool it developed in conjunction with Facebook,” writes Indvik.


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