The 5 Elements of Content Marketing Explained [INFOGRAPHIC]

In a new infographic, Synecore brakes down content marketing and its core entities.

These five elements include:

  1. Blogs, which help businesses find new customers and build an online presence.
  2. E-books and whitepapers, premium content that help generate leads by having those who download material fill out forms.
  3. Webinars, to help marketers interact with their audiences, and webcasts (or podcasts) for broadcast or download at any time.
  4. Videos, which Synecore claims “have shown that those who view video are much more likely to make a purchase than those who do not.”
  5. E-mail marketing, which remains “the most popular form of content marketing.” It is a wallet-friendly and effective way to reach B2C and B2B readers.

In a perfect sales model, a customer would use the Internet to research a product they want to buy. They might stumble upon a blog post that the company created, and then click a link on the site to access an e-book. With the download, the company can send newsletters and emails. In an email, a webinar might be promoted, which the customer could sign onto, then watch a video on the company’s homepage.

In the end, the “happy, informed customer with a brand new widget and a new relationship with your company” will emerge, according to the infographic.

Although the process may not always be that fluid, once a customer starts digging around and finds good content, it can lead to sales, the infographic says.

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