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NY Giants Social Blitz, Reagan Reanimated, Launching Zona De Sabor

The Content Strategist picks the day’s most relevant and interesting stories about the world of content from around the web. Here’s what you should be reading today:

How the Giants Are Making Social Media Touchdown

Ad Week talks to Nilay Shaw, the Giants’ social media manager and brain behind their virtual Super Bowl ring and Vince Lombardi mobile apps, about the Giants winning social strategy and the part he played in it.

“We don’t want to just slap a sponsor on social media,” Shaw said. “We want to come up with creative ideas that will get the fans engaged.”

President Reagan Reanimated on YouTube

It’s something that sounds like a horror movie. Video company Seyyer created a virtual Reagan on its “Live from the Other Side” video series. He tweets too!

If you really want to know what the former president thinks about today’s presidential campaign you can check it out on Mashable.

Interactive One Launches Site for Latinos

Hot on the heels of the successful, Interactive One is launching Zona de Sabor which will offer entertainment content geared toward English-speaking Latinos ages 25 through 37.

“It will be written with a voice that comes from a place of cultural awareness, that comes from a place of having a shared experience,” chief content officer Smokey D. Fontaine, told The New York Times.

“How we discuss Sofia Vergara, how we discuss Julián Castro and how we discuss the Video Music Awards may come from a different place” than general market content.

Blogher Cofounder on How to Build a Team

Elisa Camahort-Page tells entrepreneurs that they have to fill their team with people who “get it.”

Watch her trapped-in-a-car video interview over on Fast Company.

Twitter and Square’s Jack Dorsey on How to Start a Revolution

Forbes has a rundown of Jack Dorsey’s keynote speech at Disrupt San Francisco.

The CEO of Square talks about how he never wanted to be an entrepreneur, but rather, Bruce Lee, a sailor, a tailor and a few other things. Lucky for us, and our social lives, he went a different route.

Dorsey enlarges the notion of who founded Twitter, saying, “companies have multiple founding moments.”

He even drops some sci-fi on us via William Gibson. There’s something fitting in knowing that one of the men who changed the way we look at information probably read Neuromancer.

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