How to Assemble an All-Star Inbound Marketing Team [INFOGRAPHIC]

A solid team of experienced and motivated inbound marketers can help any company on the road to success.

According to this Voltron-inspired infographic by Main Street Host, an inbound marketing team should be composed of a manager, a researcher, a designer, and a writer. The end product should be content that has gone through an editing process and can be analyzed to see how well the marketing strategy worked.

The infographic is a basic guide to hiring marketers. As WhatCount’s Christopher Penn pointed out when his company hired an inbound marketing coordinator, candidates were tested during the process.

Penn and his team asked candidates to write a product brief using limited and poor information, then ranked the writing samples. They tested how tech savvy the candidates were by interviewing them on Google+ Hangouts, and asked them questions about what marketing blogs and books they read, what metrics they’ve used, email marketing, and the differences between B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business) marketing.

Hubspot Blog’s Corey Eridon writes that people looking for jobs in inbound marketing should be creating their own content on the web, should be active on social media sites, and need to be keeping up with trends and news in the marketing world.

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