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Brazil’s Facebook It Girl, Obama Rocks Reddit, Tweet for an Audi

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Resurrected Toothy Model Becomes Facebook It Girl

Well, Brazilian Facebook “It Girl,” at least. Ad Week reports on how ad student Ricky Lopes created the highly-popular Facebook character from a ’70s toothpick advertisement.

Gina Indelicada has 1.7 million fans and now the toothpick company wants a piece of the action.

“We never expected this kind of attention, and we certainly don’t intend to sue Lopes for it. Instead, we want to partner up with him,” CEO Alfredo Rela Neto told Ad Week.

Obama Rocks Reddit, Scores Big with Community

The Washington Post sums up the success of President Obama’s half-hour online Reddit session: “Obama’s Ask Me Anything thread blew other AMA traffic numbers out of the water.”

See the full rundown of numbers here. According to the Post and Reddit Obama’s approval rating during the 10-question Q&A was up to about 75%.

If You Tweet It, It Will Come

Tweet and win an Audi. That’s right. An Audi.

A Canadian car dealership has challenged its users to enter a “Tweet Race,” in which they collect followers in hopes of winning keys to a new car. The slogan is “Update your status with status.”

Keys go to the first tweeters to reach 2,500 followers and one of those keys will start a car. The intent is for the Pfaff dealership to extend its social reach and build the brand, but there is some concern that the contest could be undermined by some Tweet cheats.

Brands Are People Too

Ad Age’s Noah Brier looks back at the history of online marketing and addresses how brands have grown to occupy the same space as consumers in social media.

“When looking back at the recent (and packed) history of brand marketing online, some answers emerge. When the web first came along and banners started popping up, what was different,” Brier said.

Twitter Brings Filmmakers and Fans Closer than Before

“Looper” and “Brick” director Rian Johnson talks to The Verge about his organic method of marketing movies via social media, and how his online presence grew from a forum to Tumblr to Twitter.

His movie-making and social interactions are intensely personal and the director said he doesn’t view social media as a tool to create a brand. In fact he argues it’s a mistake to approach users that way.

“I feel like the people who are most successful at it, like Edgar or Duncan or John August, are not doing it to create a brand. They’re doing it because it’s something they would be doing even if they weren’t making movies,” Johnson said.

Disrupt SF Aims to Create New Interactive Experiences

Disrupt SF boasts an interesting list of panelists, including HBO’s SVP of digital products and the producer of “The Social Network.”

According to Tech Crunch’s Ryan Lawler, the organizers “assembled a panel of old and new media experts at Disrupt SF to discuss how the online video, mobile apps, and connected TVs are changing the ways they try to reach audiences and create new interactive experiences.”

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