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Instagram Deal Progresses, Romney Twitter Buy, Mustafa on Hulu

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Facebook-Instagram Deal Gets CA Approval

Facebook jumped one more hurtle in sealing the acquisition of Instagram when the California Department of Corporations gave Facebook an official OK.

Now Facebook just has to wait for Instagram’s shareholders to sign off on the agreement and they will be in the photo-sharing business.

TechCrunch has the details on the California Department of Corporations “fairness” ruling.

GOP, Twitter Build Advertising Relationship

Twitter’s Washington ad sales lead Peter Greenberger said he marks last night as the first real Twitter convention. While Ann Romney was giving her speech, her team was live tweeting and using promotional tweets to underscore their message.

“It was a powerful way to push her message into the timelines of Twitter users around the country,” Greenberger told Ad Week.

Greenberger thinks the progression of digital ad buying will continue to move into Twittersphere. “The savvier campaigns are starting to use our ad products. In the next few months, it will move to a must-buy,” he said.

Isaiah Mustafa Spicing Up Hulu

Scantily-clad Old Spice spokesman Isaiah Mustafa made the leap from big screen to computer screen as the host of Hulu’s The Morning After.

Mustafa gave Old Spice a huge bump in sales, and according to Ad Week, Hulu is hoping his viral chops will translate to viewers for the show.

Since we are on the subject of Old Spice, Mustafa’s second in command, Terry Crews, is making music with his muscles in this new video campaign.

How PepsiCo Engages Its Base

As part of the 30 Second MBA feature, Fast Company asks Pepsico Chief Marketing Officer Salman Amin how the company develops a consumer base.

Amin says the key to reaching the consumer is “clarity of message.”

New WordPress Theme Will Adapt to Your Screen

Not only does the new default WordPress theme Twenty Twelve boast responsive design, but it was designed by former NFL Player Drew Strojny.

Random? Maybe.’s Webmonkey blog has a rundown of what you can expect from the new default template.

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