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Project Runway Makes It Work, News Anchors Away, Price of a Like

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One Day You’re In: How Project Runway Makes Social Work

Mashable’s breakdown of Project Runway’s campaign #MakeItWork shows how A&E has successfully extended the show’s reach beyond the social media standbys.

“We wanted to play that off on a bunch of visual social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, but also Pinterest, Instagram, Viddy and Piictu. We’re the first TV network to run a campaign on Viddy,” A&E’s Evan Silverman told Mashable.

News Anchors Are Campaign Ad Secret Weapons

Familiar faces of the nightly news are increasingly showing up on the campaign trail, but they aren’t just covering the news, they are in the campaign advertisements.

Ad Age reports that journalists are popping up in ads on both sides or the election, in some cases more than Michelle Obama or Ann Romney.

“From a messaging standpoint, TV journalists ‘deliver’ the advertisers’ messages not only more credibly but also more concisely and accessibly, an added benefit for the advertisers in light of the complex economic circumstances being debated this year,” Elizabeth Wilner said.

How Much Is a Like Really Worth?

There’s no need to guess how much profit social engagement is making your company. TechCrunch reports that SumAll has launched a dashboard that shows social, traffic and revenue all at the same time.

“SumAll claims it is the first analytics tool to give users transactional, social and web traffic on a single dashboard. Users can see their full social history updated in real-time and can filter by geography and demographics or types of actions including page views and content clicks,” Billy Gallagher said.

The best part? For the time being, it’s free.

What Makes an Online Video Sharable?

Fast Company’s Kerry Sheldon shares five guidelines for producing a video that users will become obsessed with. Not surprisingly, the first order of business is authenticity.

“If anything characterizes the social media generation, it’s that they don’t want to be sold to or beaten over the head with advertisements,” Sheldon said. She cites travel magazine Afar as one company that really gets it right.

No Worries, Keep on A-Stalkin’

Facebook stalkers, meaning basically everyone who uses the site, can breathe a sigh of relief. The object of your obsession has no idea how many times a day you look at their picture, gazing longingly into their pixelated eyes.

But, while they don’t know you’re looking at their page, other people can access that information. Fast Company reports on who knows what you’re looking at and how to best keep your voyeurism on the down low.

Does This App Make Me Look Fat?

GoTryItOne is already a pretty cool idea for shoppers looking for advice, now it’s taking a page from Instagram for its new app.

Users can add filters to photos and use a timer to make sure to get some Top Model realness in their pose. The company is also adding an option to shop.

“Go Try It on is adding content to this version of the app, with the ability to browse through and discover on-trend pieces and add them to your shopping list. For launch, Go Try It On is announcing partnerships with a number of fashion brands including Barneys New York, Sephora, Rebecca Minkoff, Kimberly Ovitz, NET-A-PORTER.COM and Cut25 by Yigal Azrouël to include pieces for users to buy, ” TechCrunch reports.

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