How To Make an Eye-Catching Branded YouTube Page [VIDEO]

With video a growing component of companies’ content strategies, building a YouTube brand page that stands out from the competition is increasingly important.

According to company statistics, there are more than 800 million unique visits to YouTube with 4 billions hours of video are watched each month. A whopping 72 hours of video are uploaded onto the site every minute  that’s a lot of competition.

With so much content available, owners of YouTube pages need to make sure that they give people a reason to visit.

Here are some tips on how to make a YouTube page attractive and worthy of people’s attention.

Make it beautiful

For any business looking to build upon its influence on the web, a good-looking YouTube channel is key.

Check out comedian Gabriel Iglesias’ YouTube page, which contains a complementary color scheme, as well as a user-friendly design. The branding aspect is on point as well. The colors and graphics match those on Iglesias’ websiteTwitter, and Facebook page. The cross promotion on his YouTube page (his includes a link to his official Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Tumblr accounts, along with his website, webstore, and app) is necessary for any brand.

The beginning of every one of Iglesias’ videos starts with a customized animation and/or graphic and the same music theme. They each end with graphics, as well as promotional links.

All of the customization and branding seems to have paid off since the comedian goes viral on every video he posts, has 910,408 subscribers, and has garnered over 156 million views total.

Showcase new and exclusive content

YouTube is not the platform on which marketers should be posting old or poorly produced videos. There is enough noise and carelessly made content out there.

Mashable’s Catherine-Gail Reinhard writes that companies with commercials, for example, should not just repost them on their pages. Instead, they should be thinking of new videos they can exclusively post on the site. She cites Intel as a example of a company that presents exclusive videos for YouTube along with its TV commercials.

“YouTube is an opportunity for your brand to go beyond traditional ‘push’ marketing tactics and to create videos that address multiple audiences and a variety of consumer needs,” she writes.

According to Kevin Nalty, author of Beyond Viral, online video advertising is growing at a rate of 40 to 60 percent each year. That means that the branded page must also contain videos that cater to the audiences.

Marketers can either lure people in by creating a slick-looking branded page, or by producing a video that clicks with people. In order for a video to be successful, AOL’s Lauren Drell says a video should invoke an emotion and be short.

Start with an engaging featured video

When users first sign onto a channel, the best video that channel has to offer should be front and center. That way, they will want to hang out and explore the other content.

Brands can choose which video they want to feature under the My Channel settings,

“YouTube shows your most recent video in the main ‘Featured’ window on your channel page. While this may be ideal for YouTubers who post regular content, this may not be a great option for less frequent posters,” As Mashable’s Amy-Mae Elliott says. “If your most recent video isn’t the best example of your channel’s content you can set another video to occupy that slot.”

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