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Coke Boosts Fuze, Hulu Dissent, Condé Nast Digital Grows

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Coca-Cola Aiming to Boost its Fuze Brand

Over the next few years, tea sales are expected to surge as Americans look for healthy alternatives to soda. Cue Fuze, Coke’s tea and juice brand, which now has 0.1 percent of the tea market, according to AdAge and Beverage Digest.

The company announced that in 2013, a huge marketing campaign is planned for Fuze, which spent $8 million in TV ad spending in 2011.

Hulu’s Co-Owners Disagree on Key Issues

Rumors are swirling that Hulu CEO Jason Kilar may be leaving the company, and co-owners News Corp. and Disney can’t see to come to terms on the future of the company, according to Gigaom.

Both companies own about 30 percent of the content provider. While News Corp. wants to extend authentication efforts, Disney isn’t interested in that at all.

Condé Nast Buys Shares in Digital Advertising 

Condé Nast, a client of digital advertising company Flite, now owns 11 percent of the business.

According to The New York Times’ Tanzina Vega, “Flite provides cloud-based advertising technology that allows marketers to change the text and images of digital ads in real time.”

In addition, it “will allow advertisers to see which ads perform better than others and what types of images or messages are most popular with users. If an ad includes a photo gallery, for instance, the advertiser can move the image that has received the most clicks or comments to the beginning of the gallery.”

A Look Into Alloy’s Winning YouTube Strategy

Alloy, a site geared towards teens, has been ranking in the top 20 original channels on YouTube with its focused programming.

For example, Clevver News, which has over 2 million views on its 27 uploaded videos, ranks number 15 on AdAge’s list of the weekly ranked original YouTube channels. Writer Mallory Russell talked to Alloy’s executives about their success.

Obama Spends More than Romney in the Digital Ad Space

President Barack Obama is outspending Mitt Romney 4:1 on digital ads, according to ClickZ’s Kate Kaye.

After kicking off his campaign last spring, Obama has spent $31 million on digital ads, while Romney has laid out $8 million.

“The volume of Obama’s digital and social media efforts, coupled with the campaign’s big digital ad spending lead show the Democrats are simply doing more digital marketing,” says Kaye. “While the Romney camp seems to be allocating a smaller portion of the budget to digital, signs indicate that a sophisticated, data-driven approach is in place. Simply put, the Republicans may be focusing their efforts primarily on key voter segments in battleground states rather than spreading their digital ads around elsewhere.”

Content and Organization on the Web

Robert Bruce of CopyBlogger delves into responsive websites and tools that optimize content. Since the beginning of the Internet, it’s been about communicating content.

He poses the questions: “How much of your professional effort is being poured into the serious creation, development, and distribution of content that matters to the people you want to reach? And, how much is being wasted in the pursuit of details that can be effortlessly sorted with the available tools of your trade?”

Klondike’s New App Lets You Send Film Clips to Friends

Klondike is teaming up with Paramount Digital Entertainment for a new social media campaign in which fans of the brand can send movie clips to their friends from Facebook.

The app, called Facebook Page Moments of Glory, will allow people to send clips from films like The Godfather, Forrest Gump, and Tommy Boy for any special occasion, according to Mashable.

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