2012 Olympics Facebook Fans: What They Like Might Surprise You [INFOGRAPHIC]

Compass Labs, maker of social-media ad platforms, has crunched the numbers on what Facebook fans of two official Olympic Games pages “like.” And this summer, they apparently love the brand Dow Chemical.

What the heck does that mean?

The numbers offer a window into how Facebook’s fans’ regard the events and athletes. They may also tell us something about demographics and who’s reacting to which brands on the social network.

Olympic numbers: What type of fans are these, anyway?

The two pages that Compass Labs examined were the U.S. Olympic Team page and the The Olympic Games page, set up by the International Olympic Committee. What Compass’s analysts measured were the number of Likes on the visitors’ fan pages and what those visitors had added to their profiles as “interests.”

Some of the findings were not at all surprising: in the category of Top Athlete, Michael Phelps holds the number one slot on both Facebook pages.

One can see what seems to be a shift in demographics as soon as one bounces from the U.S. Team page to the IOC-run site, but not in ways that perhaps would seem initially likely.

For example, soccer is the number two spot on the U.S. Team page, but it doesn’t even land in the top 10 on the IOC users’ list. Where are the hordes of vuvuzela-honking fanatics? Not clicking Like on Facebook, this summer, apparently.

But then, American football? Number nine when it comes the U.S. Olympic Team’s visitors’ clicks.

What marketers in the U.S. can learn from what Compass has measured is that this slice of Olympic fandom is not the basic, everyday, prototypical jock-head.

While visitors to The Olympic Games Facebook page list things like weight training  and Europe Cup in their Likes and interests, under the category of Top Activities, take a close look at what the U.S. fans profiles tell us about what they prefer:

  • No. 4: Knitting
  • No. 6: Weaving
  • Nos. 9–10: Sudoku and Cross-stitching

Run a hip yarn shop in Brooklyn? You may just need to get at these U.S. Olympic Team Facebook friends.

Dow Chemical is an Olympic darling?

Another takeaway from the report: U.S. Olympic Team Facebook-ers love their superheroes and action flicks, and the Olympic Games folks want to dance.

Avengers and The Hunger Games came in among the top five movies on the U.S. site. Meanwhile, Step UpDirty Dancing, and The Sound of Music are favorites for visitors on the IOC site.

One very interesting detail, according to the infographic, regarding  brand consumption, is how little overlap there is. In the Top Brands columns, it seems that Facebook users of the two Olympics pages don’t even agree on Gatorade. U.S. Olympic Team fans give the sports beverage the nod, but The Olympic Games visitors gives it to Coca-Cola.

Finally, while National Geographic is tops with fans of The Olympic Games, it’s curious to see Dow Chemical Company as the top brand for U.S. Team site fans. Maybe it has something to do with Solutionism Stories, the company’s current content campaign that emphasizes sustainability at the Games.

Dow has been pumping out videos its website, and at the Olympics-themed, emphasizing its teamwork with Olympic cities to keep things green.

Not that the push has been getting rave reviews across the board, but the Compass survey of the Facebook data suggests that the campaign has found a enthusiastic audience.

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