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Maroney Scowl Meme Frenzy, Vooza Video Contest, Ragu’s Zesty Marketing

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McKayla Maroney Is a Meme Girl

It’s the scowl that launched a thousand memes.

Mashable posted a few of their favorites, and all-in-all Maroney doesn’t seem too upset.

Maybe she’s not such a mean girl after all?

Custom-made Vooza Video Up for Grabs

Vooza, the somewhat mysterious company known for making mock videos about startups, has teamed up with Switch Video to make a real video for a startup. TechCrunch has the contest details.

Does Ragu’s New Ad Make You a Little Uncomfortable?

It’s a little racier than Anthony running home for spaghetti night, but equally memorable. Ragu’s new ad campaign offers comfort to the modern American kid who had a tough day.

“The spot for the Unilever brand broke during the Olympics and is surging on YouTube, heading toward half a million views with copious commentary, pro and con, and endless ‘saucy’ references to ‘al dente,’ ‘ Prego/preggo’ and ‘sausage and meatballs,'”Ad Week said.

Facebook’s New Mobile Money-Making Plan

“Facebook is trying a new ad unit to capitalize on growing use of mobile phones, a trend which threatens to cannibalize its advertising business,” Ad Age reports. 

Advertisers can promote their apps and pay Facebook on a “cost-per-click basis.”

This Is Why You Love Google Doodles

People (maybe you) are spending a lot of time on Google’s doodles.

Doodle artist Sophia Foster-Dimino puts it in perspective via Mashable. “Users recorded an aggregate 5.1 years worth of music playing with the Les Paul doodle, and recorded 56.899 years of music playing with the Moog doodle,” she said.

It’s Not Swag, It’s Merchandising 

Entertainment writers beware, no longer will your swag from publicists be a thing of envy among your social circle. Your social circle can get their own cool stuff.

Ad Age has a list of some of the more creative TV-inspired goods out there including “Family Guy” pet products, “Sons of Anarchy” motorcycle onesies and  a “True Blood” beauty line.

Twitter Followers for Sale

Why grow a following when you can just buy one? And everybody’s doing it including, if suspicions are to be believed, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

“Somebody’s Twitter following may be an indication of social clout but a growing industry of underground Ebay resellers and websites are putting a fairly cheap price tag on new followers,” Dave Thier reports.

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