How Corona Light Wins Huge Fan Engagement on Facebook [VIDEO]

Big brands—and the agencies that represent them—like to tout their massive Facebook followings, but the dirty little secret of the platform is that only 1.3% of fans are engaging with the top 200 brands on Facebook.

Facebook is trying to increase engagement rates via the prominent placement of sponsored stories in users’ news feeds, but sponsored stories only help you acquire new fans—they don’t help you connect with existing fans. To do that, you need a darn good Facebook engagement strategy. But who has one of those?

Corona Light does. In July, 62,664 of Corona Lights’ 430,000 fans engaged with the brand, earning them an incredible engagement rate of over 14%.

The brand is finding success by building off its hilariously weird Stan and Mark commercials, which have racked up almost 1.5 million likes on YouTube, and posting quirky and concise status updates that drive thousands of likes.

A select few:

  • There are a million reasons to drink Corona Light. Two of them are that it’s hot out and you have a mouth.
  • There’s a lot of beer choices out there. Choose wisely. And by wisely, we mean Corona Light.
  • Today, drinking Corona Light is reserved for only a select group of very special people. Mainly, people with vowels and/or consonants in their name.
  • This weekend, make out with someone you’ve never made out with before. Unless you’re in a committed relationship. Then, make out somewhere you’ve never made out before. Unless you’ve made out everywhere. In that case, good job.
  • The only thing better than Wednesday night is Thursday through Saturday night, unless you work at a hotel or wait tables. Then Wednesday night is potentially your Friday night. If so, have congrats on the weekend. We’ll get back to you on Saturday to wish you a happy Monday.

Corona Light is trying to steal market share from Bud Light, Coors Light and Miller Lite, and that means going after the 21-34 year-old demographic. It’s doing that by developing a voice on Facebook that amuses millennials.

If there ever was a case study for investing in a talented writer/editor team to develop your brand voice, this is it. Goodby Silverstein & Partners, who developed the campaign, deserve a lot of credit.

Fans of Corona Light on Facebook “already love the product,” explains David Roth, GS&P copywriter who manages the page. “So why not be shameless how amazing your brand is, and do it in a really fun way?  We try to get two things across: #1) our bigger brand strategy, to switch things up, and #2) to integrate Corona Light into your life because it’s tied for water as the best liquid substance to put into your body.”

Corona Light has also built a genuinely cool Rut Buster app that piggybacks the larger campaign and allows you to create custom Stan/Mark-esque commercials featuring your Facebook friends to “break them out of their rut”  the theme of the Corona Light campaign.

If you’re a marketer looking to target millennials, take note: This is how you deliver value on Facebook.

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