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Major Corporations Expand Their Social Media Reach [INFOGRAPHIC]

Companies rounding out the Fortune Global 100 list are top players on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. They are quickly gaining traction among users and working on new platforms such as Google+ for Businesses and Pinterest to expand their content offerings.

On Twitter, “the largest global companies were mentioned a total of 10,400,132 times online in one month,” and over 5.5 million of those mentions were on Twitter, according to a new infographic by Burson-Marsteller.

The infographic also shows that in just one year, from 2011 to 2012, YouTube use among the top 100 brands jumped from 57 to 79 percent. The channels average 2 million views per month.

Businesses are apparently becoming more in tune with their customers as well. Seventy percent are responding to comments on Facebook, while 79 percent are having conversations using @mentions and retweets on Twitter.

This engagement, as Mark McGrath of socialmediatoday points out, should go hand in hand with social media marketing campaigns. “Social media is a reflection of real-life,” he says. “If a brand talks incessantly about what they do without pausing for feedback or input from their users, said users will quickly tire of the dialogue and look elsewhere.”

The Fortune Global 100 brands aren’t shy when it comes to new platforms. Twenty five percent of them have Pinterest accounts, and 48 percent of them are on Google+.

In general, CEOs and top executives of Fortune 500 companies are not active on social media. Only four CEO’s, including Larry Page of Google, are on Google+, and none are on Pinterest, according to a report from Domo and

The report said, “While the majority of Fortune 500 CEOs have yet to pick up the pace in their personal social media efforts, it seems those who do will be better equipped to successfully grow their companies.”

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