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What BuzzMedia Plans to Do With Spin Magazine

It’s official, BuzzMedia has acquired Spin Magazine after a month of rumors among music and media circles.

While Spin is joining BuzzMedia’s collection of music sites including Stereogum, Idolator, Pure Volume, and AbsolutePunk, it is the media company’s first foray into print publishing, and according to AdAge, they “aren’t sure what to do with [it].”

While print attracts higher ad rates, it’s much more costly to produce. The purchase price was not released.

“We believe there is a unique role for print and see it as another outlet for people to access content about their passion topics,” BuzzMedia CEO Tyler Goldman said in an email provided by a spokeswoman.

“In the longer term,” he added, “we’re still defining how print fits in from a platform perspective.”

There are a few ways that BuzzMedia could leverage the acquisition of Spin, one among other expansions BuzzMedia has been making this year, including its new Washington, D.C. Bureau and focus on politics.

Spin has attempted to focus on digital, but partnering with one of the biggest content curators online could be the saving grace of the print magazine. The magazine will most likely continue to be printed, but only as special issues featuring exclusive content a few time a year.

While a magazine can’t compete with the real-time nature of online content, it will allow BuzzMedia to enter the feature and long form editorial world. Earlier this summer, Huffington Post announced its first digital magazine.

The advantage BuzzMedia has over Huffington Post is the existing audience that Spin already has acquired with its digital issues. Spin also strengthens the presence BuzzMedia has in the music editorial world and having a passion-focused niche will offer a more varied audience and expands potential partnerships for BuzzMedia.

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