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Whiteboard Videos Animate Content to Engage Consumers [VIDEO]

Content marketing campaigns may go unnoticed if they don’t tell a good story or include compelling visuals.

Whiteboard, a platform that allows users to update slides in real time, draw content, and show stories through pictures, is a resource that could be seamlessly woven into marketing efforts.

Whiteboards have come a long way since they were first introduced. According to Business 2 Community’s John McTigue, the technology became interactive and digital recently, enabling users “to save and broadcast live sessions.”

A new service, TruScribe, now allows for whiteboard sessions to be translated onto short YouTube videos, explains McTigue. Some companies have started to assist marketers in producing the content.

“The process involves developing your ‘story’ into a script that fits the optimal profile of a successful video, about 90 seconds to 3 minutes in length, and professionally done to engage the audience,” he writes. “The ‘scribers’ then draw your story on a whiteboard, capture the session, edit and apply a voice narrative to produce the video.”

Earlier this year, Coca-Cola put out a whiteboard campaign that showed insight into the inner-workings of the company and its strategies, according to Open Business Council.

“Coke lays it all out for viewers,” the post says. “They show what happens when, with one of the world’s largest marketing budgets, you can do it all. ”

Telling the brand’s story can be easy and fun through whiteboard video. It gives companies the opportunities to be personal and let consumers know its core values.

McTigue says that the brand story can also persuade people to buy the company’s products. The Whiteboard video presentations could show how services and products work and convince users why they are distinct.

As content marketing strategies become increasingly visual, consumers can expect to see Whiteboard videos integrated into more campaigns.

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