5 Ways to Improve a YouTube Brand Page [VIDEO]

Marketers and publishers are increasingly using video to showcase products and services, connect with fans, and bring personality to brand campaigns.

It is crucial for brands to have engaging and appealing pages on YouTube, the site where most videos are watched on the Internet, to keep up with the competition and strengthen the relationship with their fans.

Here are five tips on how to emulate their successes and create the best YouTube page possible for a business.

1. Participate in the Comments Section

Whether marketers are on their own brands’ or other users’ pages, they should be engaging in conversation. “When you start to understand that YouTube is a community, not just a place to host your videos, you will begin to see far more results when you interact with the other members of this community,” writes Social Media Examiner‘s  James Wedmore.

Companies shouldn’t ignore their customers when it comes to customer service issues. The same rules apply to YouTube. People want the company to respond to and validate their questions, concerns, or opinions about videos.

Mashable‘s Catherine-Gail Reinhard suggests looking at the comments that already exist on the page and joining in. “Then try reaching out to people who already have an affinity for your product or service by commenting on their videos and/or ‘friending’ them,” she says. “Remember that YouTube is an online community, and if you’re not participating in the dialogue, then you are missing the opportunity for true engagement.”

2. Have a Distinct Design

On YouTube, Coca-Cola produces its own unique page, complete with red and white colors throughout and an easy-to-navigate layout. The brand has 68,736 subscribers on the site as well as over 76 million video views.

great design is not only pleasing to users’ eyes, but it makes the brand stand out in their minds.

“Make sure you create an aesthetic reflective of your brand’s overall digital presence,” says Mashable‘s Michael Jaindl. “To ensure that visitors know they are watching a video coming straight from your organization, use logos and colors they already associate with your brand.”

3. Choose the Best Keywords for Search Purposes

Just like they do when it comes to the web, marketers have to take into account the keywords they use with their YouTube videos. They should research the Keyword Suggestion Tool page of YouTube, where it shows the monthly search volume of certain words, or by typing in the URL of a video, YouTube will generate the best words for it automatically.

Chris Marentis of Remodeling writes, “By attaching the right keywords to your videos when you upload them, you’re increasing the chances that someone who is looking for your type of products or services will find you.”

4. Keep the Video Length Down

On the internet, people don’t have long attention spans. A campaign can be spread out to multiple videos if marketers can’t fit all the information into one.

Old Spice, a company famous for their viral hits, produced videos that were as short as 17 seconds and no longer than two minutes. Blogger Jeff Bullas says that the length of time of each video was one of the many factors that went into Old Spice’s success.

5. Post Only the Best Content

Marketers need to keep in mind that it’s not just comments, keywords, and design that matter on YouTube. The actual content is key. Without solid videos to fill the channel, users will have no reason to visit.

Along with the videos being short, they should also be funny and/or informative. The fact that YouTube is free can cause people and brands to go into overdrive on their channels. This no excuse to post everything  there needs to be a filter and a set standard.

Old Spice’s videos were instant classics because they were funny. Almost every video on Starbucks’ channel clocks in thousands of views because they are informative and show behind the scenes looks at the brand. They are a hit among customers because they are interesting, personal, and don’t try to sell them anything.

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