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CBS Sports Radio Set to Compete with ESPN

CBS is establishing a national sports radio division that will directly compete with ESPN. The news outlet is partnering up with Cumulus for the new platform, which is going to send content to radio stations around America.

CBS Sports Radio plans to launch in January 2013, according to USA Today.

It will “reach close to 10 million listeners at the country’s 50 biggest radio markets, CBS said, including 90% of the top 10 radio markets, ” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Per week, ESPN reaches 24 million listeners.

WSJ reporter William Launders writes that sports programming is a lucrative market with a built in demographic, “a loyal base of male fans who listen or watch in real time.” This compels broadcasters and advertisers to pursue it.

Another big network, NBC, said it would also be introducing sports radio soon, writes USA Today’s Michael Hiestand. But both CBS and NBC face real competition if they hope to crack the sports radio market– ESPN broadcasts on over 700 affiliate radio stations.

Although Facebook and Twitter provide immediate updates for sports lovers, as well as real time coverage, radio is still a huge sports market.

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