What If There Was No Internet? [INFOGRAPHIC]

If the Internet disappeared tomorrow, an infographic from Online Education makes the case it would do more harm than good.

The graphic shows not only how often the Internet and social media are used on a daily basis, but also details how some essential means by which content marketers do their job would not exist if the Internet vanished.

First and foremost, information would not be as abundant. Without Google or Twitter, it would be harder for content producers to find information.

Second, the means of distribution that online audiences and publishers alike have become used to would not exist. Facebook, Twitter, websites, and email allow content publishers to distribute content and reach audiences in many different ways.

Third, the world would feel a lot less connected.

In 1967 Stanley Milgram famously estimated that between each person is six degrees of separation. According to social networking specialist Jeff Rodrigues, with the Internet, the number is closer to three.

If social media wasn’t around to mobilize people and create conversations, what would content marketers, publishers, and journalists write about?

Whether the changes from social media and the Internet have been for good or ill is a perennial debate, but the changes have been immense. For content marketing, the access to an abundance of information and powerful communication tools has been a huge boon for creating compelling content.

What If There Was No Internet?

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