American Lung Association’s Content Campaign Seeks a Younger Audience [VIDEO]

A new public service video and app were recently released by the American Lung Association in hopes of persuading young people to donate.

The humorous videos feature a quirky “air collector” named Alvin Grimes, who talks about his off kilter hobby with enthusiasm.

The smartphone app, named State of the Air, “provides current local air quality — the ozone and particulate pollution levels — as well as a forecast for the next day,” according to the New York Times‘ Andrew Adam Newman.

“Users can elect to have notifications sent to their devices when the air quality reaches the code-orange level on the air quality index, which the Environmental Protection Agency defines as unhealthy for those with respiratory problems like lung disease or asthma,” he says.

Both the message and the medium are designed to target people ages 18-40, an attempt to reach a younger crowd for the organization, whose average donor age is 68, says Newman. Specifically, the ALA aims to reach out to health conscious mothers with “school-aged children.”

Creating apps that correlate with advertising campaigns is an effective way to reach out to consumers, who, on average, are spending 94 minutes per day using them. In addition, 61 percent of people log onto apps to find out information — which should bode well for the ALA’s mission.

People ages 18-24 are also the biggest consumers of online videos. The ALA videos are posted on YouTube, meaning that they will be most accessible to this age group.

By running a meaningful campaign that keeps up with the younger generation’s interests, the ALA is hoping it’s new content campaign will connect with this new demographic on more than one level.

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