The Value of Facebook Brand Pages for Businesses

As brands increasingly use Facebook pages to promote products and engage with fans, the debate over how effective these pages are in increasing sales has likewise grown.

A new study by comScore and Facebook shows that brands are relying too heavily on the number of fans and not on the optimization of their posts, according to Search Engine Watch.

The study suggests that brands should use promoted posts and the Facebook ad platform to reach consumers. Fans will then hopefully share content on their newsfeeds, spreading to other users, and, in this way, the ROI goal will be satisfied.

Facebook’s engagement rate may be about 1 percent on average. However, when it comes to display ads, that number is only 0.1 percent.

The results are mixed when marketers use promoted posts on Facebook. Social Media Today said it doubled the amount of people it reached when it used the service, while Bonfire Social Media found the promoted posts approach works best among an existing fan base.

As for ads, people are more likely to click through if their friends liked the same product. Also, ads work best when they include a call to action and encourage people to engage in conversations.

Image courtesy of sofiabudapest/flickr

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