Try Search When Searching for Ways to Create Great Content

Content marketing can help companies increase their SEO, raise their profiles, and spark customers’ curiosity. Using the right tools and techniques to create content will award marketers with the results they crave.

A quick and easy way for marketers to find out what people are searching for on the web is to use Google Autocomplete, suggests Bob Tripathi of Search Engine Watch. He calls it a “gold mine for looking up keywords.”

Once marketers see the most popular results, they can integrate those words into their content. It may not be as effective as link building, but it’s a start.

Social media monitoring platforms, such as, can assist marketers in seeing what people are talking about or sharing on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and other social sites.

“These conversations can be a perfect starting point for creating your content,” says Tripathi. “After all, this is what people are talking about so you can be sure they’ll be querying it on search engines too.”

Interviewing experts from companies, through pre-taped videos, Google+ Hangouts, or Skype, is a smart method to generate content. Not everyone in a company is going to be good at writing content.

Video is an excellent way to communicate ideas to customers, especially if leaders in the business have interesting ideas.

Tripathi says that a surefire way to produce exciting content that will bring about web traffic is to follow trends. Companies can report on the most popular topics of the moment and “capitalize on existing search demand.”

When companies use the web to determine what people want to hear about, as well as look to their own employees to create content, they will become content marketing mavens.

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