21 Types of Content Audiences Love [INFOGRAPHIC]

To keep an audience captivated, marketers need to create and repurpose content that resonates. If contest doesn’t provide value for audiences, they will have no reason to follow.

Content creation may seem like a daunting task, and the first step can be the most difficult. When creating content for the first time, think of content that is most universally appealing.

Scott Aughtmon of Content Marketing Institute created a list of 21 types of content audiences love to consume.

These types of content have emotional and intrinsic appeal versus functional and informative. While most businesses are hoping to share information that shows they are thought leaders, care must be taken to make sure that content appeals to audiences emotionally.

“This is the kind of content we must create if our goal is to influence, inspire, and move to action the unique group of people we have chosen to reach,” Aughtmon says.

This type of content that appeals emotionally is the kind we “never get tired of, always have time for, don’t forget, and want to share with others.”

He advises marketers to print out this list and put it somewhere that it can be viewed regularly to help develop the kind of content that is irresistible.

From now on, when beginning to create a new piece of content, the following two questions must be asked:

  1. Does the content I am writing meet this criteria?
  2. What can I do to make the content I’m creating fall under this category?


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