Users Prefer Video in Mobile Ads

Mobile ads that contain video result in increased user engagement rates.

In the first quarter of 2012, mobile video ads saw a 35 percent higher engagement rate over ads that don’t include video. The findings were reported by Medialets, who also claimed that users who expanded the ads watched for 20 seconds.

In addition, “Integrating video or product catalog information within ads can increase the average expand time from twenty seconds to over one minute,” writes ClickZ.

From Q1 of 2011 to Q1 of 2012, says ClickZ, the number of companies utilizing “mobile rich media advertising campaigns using multiple device environments” jumped from 20 to 40 percent.

A mere 30 percent of tablet ads feature videos. On smart phones, it’s at only 12 percent.

Consumer usage of mobile devices is steadily growing. Tablets are the perfect place to integrate mobile video ads, considered that they are designed to be visual.

Razoo‘s Geoff Livingston stressed this point: “A limited screen with smaller fonts means less tolerance for text-heavy reading. Focus on photo and video friendly content, punch up your font size, and shorten the length of your content.”

In terms of content marketing efforts, 52 percent of companies in a study by ContentWise and the Custom Content Council said they had used video.

Mobile advertisers would be wise to follow in the footsteps of their marketing counterparts and realize that video is a huge asset to their companies.

Image courtesy of Dusit/shutterstock

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