PBS Is Most Engaged News Organization on Pinterest

Among top local and national news organizations, PBS and USA Today have the most engagement on their Pinterest presences.

According to research by Poynter, PBS had the highest repin-to-pin ratio, with USA Today having the second highest, followed by Newsweek/The Daily Beast.

Susanna Spieger conducted the study focusing on engagement and the number followers, since, similar to Twitter, the relationship of posting content on Pinterest and having it shared again is a true indication of content that is highly engaging.

What counts as quality content on Pinterest is subjective, but news organizations, media companies, and content marketers are much closer to an answer than expected.

In January Elana Zak of Mediabistro pointed out that while Pinterest is not a place for hard news, features and existing web content like photo galleries are ideal to share in order to engage an audience.

The fact that an organization like PBS — which doesn’t produce hard news but offers expertly produced programs focusing on special interests — has the most engaging content is an encouraging sign that Pinterest is effective for visual storytelling.

Image by Flickr

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