Facebook Introducing Video Chat Service

Earlier this month, Google+ launched Hangouts On Air, connecting multiple users through video chat on the social networking website. Now, Facebook is taking on a video chat service of its own, OoVoo, which will be a similar platform with additional options.

OoVoo can be used on all smartphones, unlike Google+, and it will allow 12 people to hang out at once — two more than Google’s 10, according to Business 2 Community. And, just like Google+, Oovo will “record the sessions and allow them to be uploaded onto Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter for sharing.”

Users of Oovo can use “call link,” which allows them to invite people through social media, text, and email. Google+ doesn’t have this feature.

The competition is good news for marketers everywhere, since there is now more than one social networking site on which to connect with customers via video. Both Oovo and Google+ Hangouts on Air can be used to find out who customers really are by chatting face to face, provide customer service, and host a talk show or info session.

These platforms are useful for both content marketing and social media campaigns. Video marketing is on the rise, and budgets are increasing to produce quality videos.

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