AT&T Sings Its Fans’ Praises

AT&T, which recently hit 2 million Facebook likes on its page, has been releasing videos that feature thank you songs to individual fans.

The video campaign, which started Tuesday, can be viewed on the company’s YouTube channel.

For fans to receive a song of their own, they can “fill out a form with their name, city, musical genre and reasons ‘why you’re awesome,'” according to MashableThis song, dedicated to Andrea K. from Arizona, is a rock songThis one, made out to Mari from Riverton, is a country tune. The brand is releasing videos of all genres to its fans.

AT&T isn’t the first company to undertake a personal video campaign. In 2010, the Old Spice Guy sent out messages to bloggers, random Reddit and Yahoo Answers users, and people who tweeted at him. The campaign went viral. In April, Kraft sent out “cheesy” thank you videos to fans on Facebook.

Customers like a personal touch, especially through videos, because it gives a face to a marketing campaign.

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