Sears Keeps Customers Fit and Connected

Sears runs campaigns that connect with customers. One example is FitStudio, a strategy that keeps customers on track in their fitness goals and gives them useful information to stay motivated.

Sears is the biggest seller of fitness products, according to a interview with Julia Fitzgerald, chief digital officer of Fitness, Sporting Goods & Toys at Sears Holdings. Once customers purchase fitness items from the retailer, they can connect with the brand through content marketing initiatives.

“While the equipment is often a key component to their goal, they also need information and motivation to keep on track with a healthier lifestyle,” says Fitzgerald. “FitStudio was the perfect solution for Sears to provide – free of charge – expert advice from fitness professionals and nutritionalists.”

With content marketing, it’s key to give out information instead of trying to sell products. Customers appreciate interesting and relevant information. Sears clearly knows this and uses this strategy effectively.

The retailer has also figured out specific goals for measuring ROI and tracking whether the campaigns are working. “For some programs, we are measuring membership acquisition, engagement, page views, return visits, coupon redemption, or purchase,” says Fitzgerald.

Overall, Fitzgerald says that Sears finds out who its customers are early on and develops content that caters to them. It’s a model that every marketer should have in mind.