The Downside of Auto-Posting Tweets to LinkedIn

For marketers, it’s wise to manually update to LinkedIn rather than automatically posting tweets to the page.

Just because Twitter and LinkedIn are both social media sites, it doesn’t mean that marketers can apply the same rules.

A big problem with posting the same updates from Twitter to LinkedIn is that on the microblogging site, people tweet much more frequently, writes Business 2 Community‘s Aaron Corson. On LinkedIn, he says that he updates only once or twice per day, keeping his stream uncluttered “so I can interact with my connections on a more personal level.”

Something else Corson points out is that Twitter’s users are used to entirely different language than LinkedIn users.

“Many people on LinkedIn don’t know what a hashtag is or what RT means.They aren’t familiar with #followfriday or #musicmonday,” he says. “They could be confused when they see me referred to as @MarketPathAC instead of my full name.”

Since hashtags, RTs, and other Twitter features aren’t going to be compatible with the lingo on LinkedIn, there is no bother in using them.

On LinkedIn, followers will have a pretty tough time sharing tweets since posting from Twitter doesn’t allow them to do so. If marketers update directly onto the site, people can like, comment, and share their posts, says Corson.

When used correctly, LinkedIn is an extremely helpful site for marketers. It’s a great way to build connections, find leads, and strengthen relationships with people in a related field.

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